Justin Manalo

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class Standing: Senior
Ethnicity: Filipino

Kumusta! I am a Senior in Mechanical Engineering and this is my first year involved with AASIA as a mentor. Aside from AASIA, I am involved with the Multi-Cultural Engineering Program and its Orientation Event as a Program Assistant (MEP & MEPO). I am also the current Cultural Director for Penn State Filipino Association (PSFA). I spend a lot of my time as a member of Penn State EcoCAR3 (we turn a 2016 Chevy Camaro into a hybrid vehicle *heavy breathing intensifies*). In my free time I keep myself up-to-date with tv shows (The Flash, Arrow, Undatable, and Sherlock), some manga, news, Imgur, NBA, NFL,etc. I stay about as active as walking all over campus allows. I’m a cool dude, at least I think I am… On a scale of bookworm to partyhopper, I’m a ‘once in a while if it’s with people I enjoy’.

I came into college just wanting to get a degree and I was so focused on grades, I didn’t even get involved in other organizations. I wanted to become a mentor so that I could guide an incoming First-Year and help them not make these same lazy mistakes I made in my freshman year. Everyone transitions to college differently, if you’re still unsure of what to do, allow me to help!