Matthew Ng

Major: Engineering (Mechanical)
Class Standing: Sophomore
Ethnicity: Chinese American

Hello, friends! My name is Matthew Ng. I'm from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, which is about ten minutes outside Philadelphia.  I am a prospective Mechanical Engineering major student.  I am in the Clown Nose Club and the Asian Undergraduate Student Association (AUSA).

Apart from my academic career, I enjoy writing poetry, exercising at gyms, looking at art and playing games in my spare time. On the topic of games I like to play, I like playing chess, video games, card games, board games and frisbee. I love singing (to myself while alone) and listening to all different types of music such as jazz and hip-hop. I feel as though I have a wealth of knowledge that can help others learn about how to adjust to be their own parent. I mean... I have a lot of gray hair, so I guess that confirms how wise I am? I always love having deep conversations with my friends about topics such as current events, thought-provoking notions and inquiries about how things work, and, combined with any beverage rhyming with "toffee" or ending in -oda, I would love to talk to anyone about practically anything. I am always willing to put my friends' needs above mine, so don't ever hesitate to ask for anything whether it be a shoulder to lean on or a person to laugh at your jokes (since I basically find most things funny). I can't wait to meet all of you, and I hope I can help you enjoy yourself at this wonderful university!