Y Nhi Nguyen

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Class Standing: Junior
Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Hey there! My name is Y Nhi Nguyen. I was born in Vietnam but I now live in Philadelphia, PA. I am now a  junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. My interests are in the technology field with computers, programming, and robotics. I used to play varsity tennis for Penn State Abington but I now play in the tennis club for my enjoyment. Aside from tennis club, I am also involved in the game development club. In my free time, I like to code, play tennis, crafting, eating, playing computer games, and going to the gym. If you ever feel intimidated going to the gym alone, hit me up and we’ll get stronger together.

I am excited to be a part of AASIA to help you on your new journey. If you ever feel intimidated to do anything alone, it’s cool. I got your back! So let’s enjoy this new college experience together.