Jesse Rong


Major: Computer Science
Class Standing: Junior
Ethnicity: Chinese / American


I’m Jesse Rong and I believe that empathy and understanding makes humanity strong. This belief has continually pushed me to seek new experiences and try my best to make a positive difference on campus. For example. I once went to a lecture about linguistics in the Amazon and learned that there is a language without numbers. Speakers only had words for “many” and “few”. It was very interesting seeing how they counted because I could have never imagined a language like that. Although I don’t know how applicable the knowledge is, the experience expanded my world view and taught me something.

Other things about me:

  1. I was born in Virginia and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia.
  2. I have traveled to Beijing many times to visit my relatives.
  3. I’m a computer science major who learned 3.5 programming languages
  4. I enjoy reading the news and surfing the internet
  5. I believe writing and public speaking can be fun.