Michael Yi


Major: Microbiology
Class Standing: Junior
Ethnicity: Korean-American

Hi everyone! I’m Michael, from Huntingdon Valley, PA, outside of Philadelphia. I’m also majoring in microbiology. I do independent research as an undergraduate, which I got started in my freshman year, so if you have any questions, just come and ask me! I can show you where to access a bunch of opportunities as well as talk to you about my experiences I’ve had at Penn State. Don’t forget that I took many of the BMB courses my first two years, so I know a good deal about different sections and the classes in the sciences themselves!

Other than academics, I love snowboarding and kayaking! I’ve been to Vermont twice and the Poconos too many times to count in the winter. If you ever want to go to Tussey, the local mountain here, just ask and I’m probably more than willing to go! I volunteer at PAWS too, a local no-kill animal shelter that houses both dogs and cats, so if you need to get your fix of animals, I’d love to introduce you to the animals there!