Miranda Tai


Major: Accounting
Class Standing: Junior
Ethnicity: Taiwanese

Hello, folks, my name is Miranda. Along with the AASIA mentoring program, I am also the team lead for 2016 Fresh START and case competition director in Net Impact. I was born in Taiwan and lived there until my second year of high school, where I came to the New York international school and joined the Penn State big family!

The PWC case competition I had last year rocked my world. Since then, I understand we are all capable of impacting anyone even to the smallest scale, and I want to do that for others. I’m a crazy movie lover especially animation. I usually watch a movie every Friday night. I also love to play around with photoshop and design. I can’t wait to see all of you and guide you guys through your freshman year. I understand life can be hard, so if you have any questions about choosing classes, getting involved, or even your personal life, feel free to chat with me, I will do my best to make your life easier.