Allison Ching


Major: Premedicine
Class Standing: Sophomore
Ethnicity: Chinese

Allison ChingHi there!  I'm Allison, a sophomore Schreyers student majoring in Premedicine, with a planned minor in Psychological Sciences.  I'm from Downingtown in Chester County, about an hour away from Philadelphia.  A bit about me (the fun stuff): I love watching anime and Korean/Japanese dramas!  I have two major hobbies--reading and music.  I like fantasy stories, and I mostly listen to Japanese and Korean songs, but I like pop in general!  I do a lot of transcribing, arranging, lyrics writing, and recording, so if you like making/playing music, let's talk!

Here at Penn State, I'm the Events Coordinator for the Music Service Club (I plan where we go to play) and a member of TARDIS (Doctor Who Club) and the Phi Eta Sigma honors society, in addition to AASIA.  On the side, I volunteer at a local elementary school for a couple hours every week.  I'm really excited to meet everyone this year!  AASIA played a big part in making my freshman year an enjoyable one, and I hope I can help make yours one too!

Since I’ve been in this program before, I know how it feels to be a mentee. So if you need someone to talk to about life, school, or Pokémon trivia, feel free to come to me. I’m hyped to meet all of you.