Gloria Xu


Major: Economics
Class Standing: Sophomore
Ethnicity: Chinese

Gloria XuHello - I’m Gloria Xu, and I can’t wait to be your mentor this year!

I’m currently a sophomore, studying Economics in the College of Liberal Arts. I am also looking to double major with Finance.

In my free time, I like to toss frisbees on Hub Lawn, play dance-dance revolution at Pollock, drink boba tea downtown, bake and decorate cookies, and more! I am also part of Asian Undergraduate Student Association (AUSA) and Korean Pop Music Dance club (KPMD), in case you are interested in joining as well!

As for my background, my family is from Hunan, China, so I can understand and speak a little bit of Mandarin. I also took one semester of Korean last year!

I believe my experiences in adjusting to freshman year on campus can help you in your transition to Penn State. I can’t wait to learn more about you!