Hamzah Wahi


Major: Engineering 
Class Standing: Sophomore
Ethnicity: American Malaysian

Hamzah WahiHello! My name is Hamzah Wahi. I am a 3rd semester student who's intended major is Electrical Engineering. I was born in a small town of Indiana, Pennsylvania. I am a first generation American Malaysian, as my parents immigrated to thamhe United States to study. I come from a family of 8. With two brothers who graduated from Penn State, and a brother and a sister currently attending, I have a lot of experience with the campus. 

Along with AAISA, I am on the executive board of the Korean Pop Music and Dance club, so if you're interested in the Hallyu culture, from dancing to following dramas and actors, let me know! Also, I am an active member in the Malaysian Student Association and I work at the ITS Knowledge commons. Even though it seems like I'm really busy, I'll always make time for you and my friends!