Mary Nina Charmaine Bergado


Major: Security Risk Analysis
Class Standing: Junior
Ethnicity: Filipino

Mary Nina Charmaine BergadoHey, everyone! I’m Mary Nina Charmaine Bergado, but despite the long name, I go by either Sha-sha or Gene, whichever is easier to remember! I’m in the College of Information Sciences and Technology majoring in Security Risk Analysis. I grew up in the Philippines, and moved to State College May of 2011! Aside from being a mentor in AASIA, I’m also a part of the Penn State Filipino Association, Asian Undergraduate Students Association, and the K-Pop Music and Dance Club!

I was an AASIA mentee 2 years ago, and I found the program to be a huge help with my transition from my high school to Penn State. It was really great having someone to talk to not only about academics, but also about other things. It’s like having an instant friend with the minimal awkwardness in the start. During my freshman year, I had a really hard time with academics seeing that I really didn’t like what I was doing, and it affected me academically, emotionally, and physically. I was glad that someone was there to talk me through things. With the help of my mentor, I was able to move forward with what I really wanted to do. AASIA played a huge part with my transition, and I really thank everyone that made this program possible from the bottom of my heart.

In my spare time, I’m either dancing, singing, drawing, watching shows, or playing video games. I grew up dancing ballet, and now I’m more on doing covers of K-Pop songs. Still working on freestyling, but I’m far from being good. I’m still an amateur, but I’m getting there. I’m not really a good singer either, I just love music in general. Art-wise, I usually do digital art, sometimes traditional when I feel like actually trying it. I just started about a year or two ago, but I’m better-versed (is that… a thing…? I guess it is in my vocabulary…) with digital art than I am with traditional. And who doesn’t love video games? I usually play PC games, but usually play a wide range of genre of games on XBox. Don’t be surprised if I suddenly start talking about some things like  Daredevil, Iron Fist, and other shows I end up getting myself hooked to. Besides those, I also love cooking and eating out, so don’t be afraid to hit me up if you wanna try some things out with someone!

With all that said and done, I’m very excited to meet all of you! I’m really easy to talk to and I’m really friendly; I promise you I’m a very casual person. If you ever need anything, feel free to contact me, but if you prefer to meet up, as long as it works out for both our schedules, I’d be up for that, too!

Welcome to Penn State, and I hope to meet you all soon!