Noah Totor


Major: Chemical Engineering
Class Standing: Junior
Ethnicity: Japanese

Noah TotorHi guys! My name is Noah Totor and I am a junior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Although my father is equal parts Japanese and Filipino, I was born in Bellefonte, PA and raised in Canton, OH. In my spare time I try to stay active as I love almost all types of sports. I am involved in the intramural sports programs. I also play video games, binge watch TV shows and movies, and play the drum set. I enjoy the company of my friends and many genres of music. I am a member of the AlCHE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) and work as a cook at Liberty Craft House in downtown State College.

I began my college education at Penn State Harrisburg for my first three semesters. I transferred to the main campus for my fourth semester. Penn State is an excellent college with the best resources anyone can ask for. I have had many experiences with this school, especially after switching campuses. I have a lot of advice that I wish someone would have given me when I started college and I would love to pass it on!