Sravya Valiveti


Major: Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Information Sciences & Technology
Class Standing: Senior
Ethnicity: Indian

Sravya ValivetiHello, everyone! I’m Sravya Valiveti, you can call me Sravya – it may take you a few times to get that right but I promise it’s not as hard to pronounce as it looks! I’m a Senior in the College of IST and Ag Sciences (concurrent major) and I’m dual majoring in IID and IST. I love both the fields equally and I’ve had a significant research experience combining them both this semester. However, in the future, I plan to attend medical school to become a physician – I hope to be able to use communication and interdisciplinary skills I gained from IT consultant and science research experiences to be a better physician after graduation.

I dedicate most of my time to teaching on campus, service-oriented activities and work. I have been committed to being an LA for Chem 202 for 2 semesters because I love simplifying organic chemistry and problem solving for students. I’m also a part of the red cross club on campus and I serve as an On-Site coordinator (OSC) every semester. I volunteer and train new volunteers at Mount Nittany Medical Center. I also work at the iT Service Desk at the library as a Supervisor, helping students and faculty with hardware issues and diagnosing devices for malware (now you know where to come if your computer is giving you issues!!) I’m extremely proud of the experiences I’ve had so far and the connections I’ve made through these extracurricular activities.

In my spare time, I like to take art classes because painting soothes me, watch musicals on campus, play Tennis/badminton, *try* to go to fitness classes at the White building or just casual talk with my friends at the end of the day and not to forget watching Netflix!!

I was born in California but I moved back to India when I was 4 – so I really did not remember anything about the States. However, I decided to attend Penn State because of the wide range of options/environments to get involved in and the fact that you can be your own person here

I look forward to meeting all of you this Fall and get to know you better and share my college experiences with you guys. If you would like to get to know me/have specific questions or need anything from me, I’m there for you and please email me at: