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Volunteer Service Award 2014

Sharae Hunter

B.A., Sociologyg

Sharae HunterSharae, a senior from Philadelphia, PA, has been a volunteer in several organizations that have strengthened her desire to help others succeed and fulfill their individual potential. In fall 2011, she joined the Student Minority Advisory and Recruitment Team (S.M.A.R.T.), which assists the Undergraduate Admissions Office in recruiting underrepresented students. Additionally, in spring 2012, she became a member of BLUEprint Mentoring Program and works with first-year students of color with their adjustment to the social and academic environment at University Park. Finally, in fall 2013, she became an active member of Peers Helping Reaffirm, Educate, and Empower (PHREE). As a member of PHREE, she is responsible for facilitating educational programs and participating in University activities to raise awareness about social problems such as sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, healthy relationships, and body image.  In studying sociology, Sharae has discovered her natural passion and genuine interest and will pursue a master’s degree in Social Work in the fall of 2014.


(Photo: L to R, Sharae Hunter and Michael Wityk, MRC Counselor)