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Black Male and Latino Male Empowerment Group

Beginning in the fall 2016, the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) will resume biweekly meetings of the Black Male and Latino Male Empowerment Groups. This is a facilitated open discussion environment for African American and Latino men to meet biweekly within a safe space. The Black Male and Latino Male Empowerment Groups explore shared experiences as Black and Latino men on a majority campus. The goal is to assist men of color with identifying ways to fully embrace the Penn State experience through academic success, the development of community service initiatives, and relationship building, while taking advantage of all academic and social opportunities within the University.

Black Male Empowerment Group and the Latino Male Empowerment Group's first meeting:
September 14th
360 Willard
Speaker: Dr. Marcus Whitehurst, Vice Provost for Educational Equity

Regular meetings occur biweekly
in 220 Grange Building
on Thursdays from 6:00pm-8:00pm 

Special Events:

Black and Latino Male Leadership Symposium
Date and location TBD

Black and Latino Male Empowerment Group Cookout
Date TBD
Sunset Park 


 This is an identity-based group, meaning only students who identify as Black and/or Latino males may attend. Additionally, information disclosed during these private meetings is considered confidential.

Questions? Contact:

We look forward to meeting with you.