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Khadija Bingham

Khadija BinghamHi, my name is Khadija Bingham and I am an African American student at The Pennsylvania State University. My intended major is finance. I have a huge interest in helping others, in all aspects, whether it is being there to listen or being there to give advice. I enjoy seeing people reach their full potential. My dream job is to become a motivational speaker, speaking to different crowds. I would like to speak to children, teens, adults, college graduates, and high school dropouts. I would like to inspire all walks of life, and let everyone know that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Aside from being a motivational speaker, I would like to be a financial consultant or a human recourses executive. I enjoy working with people, and helping people prosper. I think that these fields would allow me to do so.

In addition to the MRC Leadership Council, I will also be the Social and Community Service Chair for the Multicultural Women’s Forum and a member of the Student Minority Advisory and Recruitment Team (S.M.A.R.T). I will also be a mentor for the organization Blueprint and I plan to get involved with the National Association of Black Accountants.

I like the informality of the MRC. I like the fact that I can go to my counselor about ANYTHING. I have visited my counselor about things from grades and financial aid questions to questions about where I should get my hair done. My adviser has been helpful throughout my entire year and I appreciate that. I was inspired to become a MRC Leadership Council member because of my appreciation for the MRC and also the fact that many people do not know about the MRC. I would like to help promote the MRC so that everyone can have the same experience that I did.