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Student Groups


Asian American Students In Action (AASIA)

AASIA Mentoring is designed to assist Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) students who are new to University Park with their adjustment. In AASIA, first-year, transfer, or change-of-assignment students are provided with upper-class mentors who are high-achieving and actively engaged. AASIA strives to cultivate meaningful mentoring relationships that foster the holistic development of our participants.

Blends of Traditional Heritages (BOTH)

Blends of Traditional Heritages (BOTH) is a discussion group for students of biracial or multicultural backgrounds, with close attention on topics that hold relevance for students with one parent of African American descent and the other parent of White, Asian, Hispanic, or other ethnic background. 

Black and Latino Male Empowerment Group (BMEG/LMEG)

The Black Male and Latino Male Empowerment Groups explore shared experiences as Black and Latino men on a majority campus. The goal is to assist men of color with identifying ways to fully embrace the Penn State experience through academic success, the development of community service initiatives, and relationship building, while taking advantage of all academic and social opportunities within the University.

Collegiate Leadership Development Program for Latinx Students (CLDP)

The CLDP is a one-year leadership development program for Latinx students, in partnership with the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute.  The program’s objective is to cultivate Penn State’s Latinx student leadership, by facilitating discussions between Latinx students and University administrators, and practicing essential leadership skills. CLDP provides Latinx students with the opportunity to better understand the way the Penn State’s administration works and explore the ways in which they can participate in the University’s decision-making processes, to become positive agents of change on campus.

Women of Color Empowerment Group (WOCE)

The WOCE group helps to provide a supportive space for women of color on a majority White campus and to explore what this means for them (with regard to identity, relationships, and more), to empower and enhance their voice, and to fully embrace their Penn State experience through academic excellence and relationship-building. This group is a collaborative development between the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).