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Student Groups


First-Year MRC Resource Guide


Blends of Traditional Heritages (BOTH)

Blends of Traditional Heritages (B.O.T.H.) is a discussion group centering the experiences of students of biracial or multiracial backgrounds.

Black and Latino Male Empowerment Group (BLMEG)

The Black Male and Latino Male Empowerment Group explores shared experiences of Black and Latino men on a majority campus. The goal of this group is to identify ways in which students can fully embrace the Penn State experience through academic success, community service initiatives, and relationship building, while taking advantage of all academic and social opportunities within the University.

Latinx Leadership Institute (LLI)

The purpose of the Latinx Leadership Institute at Penn State is to increase the number of Latinx student leaders at Penn State. The one-year program emphasizes student empowerment, social justice and exposure to the University’s organizational structure. Participants are encouraged to apply the skills gained through their identity and leadership development toward activism on and off campus as well as in society at-large.

Women of Color Empowerment Group (WOCE)

The WOCE group helps to provide a supportive space in which the experiences of women of color on a majority White campus are discussed. The group explores what these experiences mean for students (with regard to identity, relationships, and more), to empower and enhance students' voices, and to fully embrace their Penn State experience through academic excellence and relationship-building. This group is a collaborative development between the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).