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News and Events 2018


Millennium Scholars ImageMillennium Scholars ready to change the future of STEM fields

October 25, 2018

Alisha Wellington grew up in Philadelphia with a passion for meteorology. She saw plenty of people like her in broadcasting but found few role models doing what she wanted to do: weather research. - [ More ]


Penn State continues efforts to foster diversity and inclusion in campus community    

August 19, 2018

President Eric J. BarronPenn State is beginning the new academic year on a high note thanks to the support and achievements of so many in the Penn State family. A top 50 world academic ranking, a record-setting year for fundraising, record research expenditures, great success by our student-athletes, and positive outcomes for our students—clearly indicate that Penn State is making important strides. While there are encouraging advances taking place across our campuses, unfortunately, like many other higher education institutions, we are not immune to the uncertainty, polarization and conflict happening nationally and internationally. From conversations I’ve had with many of you, I am aware that this atmosphere may be impacting each of you in different ways. - [ More ]

May 1, 2018 ArticlePresident's Commissions for Equity to realign as advisory bodies

May 1, 2018

The President’s Commissions for Equity at Penn State will see changes to their activities and memberships to better reflect their charges as advisory bodies to Penn State’s leader. The changes, which will be implemented July 1, are intended to strengthen the individual and collective impact of each of the three commissions, while ensuring that each commission’s goals align with the University’s priorities and strategic vision. - [ More ]

Alumni fund scholarship to benefit first-generation, military family students        

April 6, 2018

Penn State alumni couple Antonio Nieves and Emily Sallack leveraged the 1:1 University match offered through the First-Time Endowed Scholarship Donor Matching Program to create one of the largest scholarship funds in Educational Equity. The Antonio Nieves and Emily Sallack Student Success Scholarship in Educational Equity will focus on aiding students who are the first in their families to attend college or who hail from military families, reflecting Nieves’ background. - [ More ]

How the diversity of Penn State’s student body compare to other Big 10 schools         

February 16, 2018

Old Main in February 2017Back in January, nearly 50 students and professors gathered in Schwab Auditorium to participate in Stand for State’s “All that WE ARE” event. These students were asked which part of their identity was most important when simply walking down College Avenue — and almost all the students of color in the room moved into the “race” box, marked in blue painters tape on the stage floor. - [ More ]