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Keith B. Wilson, Ph.D., CRC, NCC, LPC, ABDA

Keith B. Wilson, Ph.D.,
Dr. Wilson's research interests are primarily centered around two areas: (1) Cross-cultural and multicultural issues among persons with disabilities (e.g., African Americans) in the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) system in the United States; and (2) privilege based hue/color skin (phenotype) in the VR system and in the general population in United States (i.e., Black and White Hispanics).

Since coming to The Pennsylvania State University from The Ohio State University in 1997, Dr. Wilson has been honored with several service (e.g., Multicultural Resource Center, Diversity Recognition) and research awards (e.g., Outstanding Researcher Award, Presented by the Pennsylvania Counseling Association, 2002).

Keith B. Wilson Finally, Dr. Wilson is also very active in the Upward Bound, SORP, and McNair programs at The Pennsylvania State University. These programs are in place to facilitate college and/or graduate school success for students from underrepresented populations.