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Robert Loeb, Ph.D.,

Robert Loeb, Ph.D.,Professional Experience, Research Focus, and University

After two decades of service in positions of academic administration, I return to the faculty role in 2007 as Associate Professor of Biology and Forestry at Penn State DuBois. Based on my doctoral research at New York University, I examine the effects of human disturbances in urban forests is the primary goal of my research, which requires an accounting of disturbances that have occurred in the past.

To conduct this research, three methods are employed: combine human records of former ecological conditions and disturbances; techniques of Quaternary palynology applied to the historical period; and resampling of forest and vegetation composition. The knowledge gain from research is valuable in guiding the management of urban park forests and vegetation. Foremost among my service activities is the Commission for Ethnic and Racial Diversity, I am a founding member and have served three terms on the Commission.

Recent Research Articles:

Loeb, R. 2006. The flora of large urban parks: Intraurban and interurban similarity in the megalopolis of the northeastern United States. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 133:4:601-625.

Loeb, R. 2001. Fire in the urban forest: Long-term effects in old growth stands. Arboriculture Journal 25:4:307-320.

Loeb, R. 1998. Evidence of prehistoric corn (Zea mays) and hickory (Carya spp.) planting in New York City: Vegetation history of Hunter Island, Bronx County, New York. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 125:1:74-86.

Loeb, R. 1998. Urban forest management and ecosystem change during the past millennium: A case study from New York City. Urban Ecosystems 2:1:1-10