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Using CourseSmart eTextbooks with VoiceOver


CourseSmart currently offers around 90% of textbooks that are in use today. The website offers these as eBooks that are available to rent from the website for 180 days. After purchasing a rental, you can view the book either on or offline.


In order to find and rent textbooks from CourseSmart:

  • Go to

  • Type the name of a book in the search bar located on the homepage

  • When your book is found, click the button to see a free trial version of the book and test with VoiceOver

  • If you want to purchase the rental, click “Add to Cart”

  • Review your purchase and click “Proceed to Checkout”

  • New users will have to first create an account when taken to the login screen

  • Next, input your payment information and you will have access to the book for 180 days

VoiceOver Instructions for CourseSmart Books:

The Apple OSX VoiceOver system can be used with CourseSmart to provide text-to-speech capabilities. Users with experience using VoiceOver on iOS devices can also use it on the iPad and iPhone.

Using the VoiceOver system on OSX or iOS requires the Accessible Reader. Contact to turn this feature on.

  • If using VoiceOver to read the book, navigate to the book text you want to read before turning VoiceOver on. Turn VoiceOver on by pressing Command-F5.
  • Use the VoiceOver keys (Control+Option) to select VoiceOver commands.
  • Select VoiceOver + U to bring up the Web Rotor
  • Once the Web Rotor has fully populated, you will see two headers or more. Navigate to the header called “Book Text” using VoiceOver + DownArrow
  • Use the space bar to select Book Text
  • Use VoiceOver + RightArrow to start reading the text.
  • To review, see

CourseSmart cannot support users in the use of the Apple products. For additional information on using the VoiceOver system, see: