A free program that automatically speaks any presentation or slide show running in Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows. Simply open and run the presentation as usual and it speaks the text on your slides. In addition, PowerTalk is able to read alternate text placed in images as well as additional notes at the bottom of slides.

Installation Guide

1. Click the following link:
2. Scroll down to the section labelled “Download PowerTalk”
3. Click the “Get PowerTalk” icon
4. A new webpage will open and your download should start within seconds
5. Run PowerTalk-1.2.14.exe that you have just downloaded in order to install the program

How to Use

There are several ways to use PowerTalk in order to read a presentation. You can do one of the following:
1. Right click on a Presentation or Slide Show and select 'Narrate with PowerTalk'
2. Drag a Slide Show file onto a PowerTalk program shortcut
3. Open PowerTalk from a shortcut icon and choose the presentation you wish to be read when it asks you to browse your computer

System Requirements

PowerTalk runs on Windows XP, VISTA, 7 (it should also work on NT 4.0 and Windows 2000).

You must have PowerPoint 2000 or later installed. Unfortunately the Microsoft PowerPoint viewer is not useable as it does not provide the basic functionality that PowerTalk requires.

The Microsoft Speech API 5.1 (MS SAPI 5.1) must be installed and if you have Windows XP or later you will already have it. (For earlier versions of Windows you can download and install the SAPI Text To Speech (TTS) components 12MB) This download can also be used with Windows XP and will then add 2 voices (Mike and Mary) to the single voice that is supplied with XP (Sam). To check if you have SAPI installed, look for a voice in Control Panel's Speech Settings (Start -> Control Panel -> Speech -> Text To Speech). Please note that the PowerTalk cannot use the earlier SAPI 4, although it is apparently possible to have both SAPI 4 & 5 installed on the same machine.

Basic sound capabilities are required. Most PCs with a sound card or 'on board' AC'97 sound will need only the addition of a simple powered speaker(s). Older PCs, or those that can only produce simple 'beeps' trough an internal speaker, may require additional sound hardware. You can test your PC's sound capabilities with the 'Preview Voice' facility in the Control Panel's Speech settings.