A free tool that you can use to browse the Internet and have it read the page content out loud. WebAnywhere is a browser-based solution that does not need to be installed but works better if Flash is installed on your computer.

How to Use

1. Click the following link:
2. Locate the purple section at the top of the web page and click in the text box that says Location
3. Type in the address of the web page you want to go to
4. Click the Go button and you will be taken to the desired website
5. WebAnywhere will now read this webpage out loud
6. Type in another address and click Go to move to another site

Keyboard Shortcuts

WebAnywhere offers a series of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to control how and when WebAnywhere reads to you:

  • CTRL-L - move the cursor to the location box where you can type a URL to visit.
  • Arrow Down - read the next element on the page.
  • Arrow Up - read the previous element on the page.
  • TAB - skip to the next link or form control.
  • CTRL-H - skip to the next heading.
  • CTRL-I - skip to the next input element.
  • CTRL-R - skip to the next row by cell when in a table.
  • CTRL-D - skip to the next column by cell when in a table.
  • Page Down - read continuously from the current position.
  • Home - read continuously, starting over from the beginning of the page.
  • CTRL - silence WebAnywhere and pause the system.


System Requirements

From the official WebAnywhere site:

"The system works best when a recent version of Adobe Flash is installed but will also work with embedded sound players, like Windows Media Player and Quicktime.The current release is an early release, and may not always work as expected.We're working quickly to fix bugs and add features, so you should expect rapid development in the coming weeks and months.Because WebAnywhere is released right on the web, you'll always have the latest version when you visit this site."