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Firefly (Web Browser Version of Kurzweil)

Anytime, anywhere access to digital, text-based content, supplemented by powerful literacy tools that enable individuals with the cognitive ability, but not the literacy skills, to achieve their academic or personal goals.
Firefly is the newest member of the Kurzweil Educational Systems product line and was developed based on years of experience producing the award-winning Kurzweil 3000 software. Firefly gives you the ability to use many of the great features of Kurzweil 3000 from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Universal Library

  • Starting in the Spring 2013 Semester, disability services will begin uploading student's books to the Universal Library on
  • Students will be able to access these books from any location using a web browser at
  • Students also have the ability to upload any of their own personal files.This can be done by clicking on the "Upload a File" link on the Universal Library page within Firefly.
  • Only students using a PC can upload a collection of files (such as various chapters of a book).  In order to upload a collection of files, the student will need to download the FireFly Uploader program to their PC.  Unfortunately, this feature is not currently available for the Mac or iPad versions.

Using FireFly

Upon signing in to your personal account, the user will have all of their files in the private folder of their Universal Library. Simply click on any file and it will automatically load into FireFly. FireFly is essentially a scaled down version of Kurzweil that requires no downloading of any kind, so it is ideal for when a student is on the go and doesn't want to download a large file. It works virtually the same way as Kurzweil and offers many of the same customization options, while simply lacking some of the study tools. For more information on the features and how to use Firefly.

iPad App