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How to Sign Up for Kurzweil

In order to receive Kurzweil from our office, you must be eligible for textbook scanning services. You must make an appointment with our office to speak with a disability specialist to determine eligibility for services. For more information on textbook scanning policies and procedures, please read this document from our web site: Electronic Text Policies.

If it is determined you will be receiving textbook scanning services, you will be eligible to receive a free download of the Kurzweil program to read your electronic books. Kurzweil is a web based program, so in order to use it you will need an internet connection and a username and password. When meeting with your disability specialist, you will be given further information on the Kurzweil program and if you decide you would like to use it, our office will sign you up for a Kurzweil account.

When we sign you up, you will automatically receive an e-mail with your Kurzweil username and password. Once you have this, you must download and install the Kurzweil software on to your computer. After installing, you will be able to open up the program and enter your username and password in order to access it. For more information on downloading Kurzweil, please click here for PC and click here for Mac.