JAWS is a screen reader developed for those with limited-no vision. This program will read any text on the users screen, and has a number of features that make a computer considerably easier and more accessible for an individual with vision impairment.

Manufacturer: Freedom Scientific


  • JAWS key: Used in combination with other keys to execute commands. By default, the JAWS key is the Insert key, but it can be changed to a different key.
  • JAWS commands: Located in the JAWS help menu. To get contextual help, press Insert + H.
  • Cursors: JAWS has three primary cursors:
    • PC Cursor: Default; follows keystrokes. To activate this, press Numpad +.
    • JAWS Cursor: Emulates mouse functions. May provide access to information that is not heard when using the PC Cursor. To activate this, press Numpad -.
    • Virtual Cursor: Activated when reviewing a Web page. Provides a summary of links on the page and reads ALT text (hidden descriptions of graphics) where present.
  • Forms mode: Used to enter text into a form field (otherwise, some keys may not be entered). To activate this, press Enter.
  • Web shortcuts: Some letters can be setup to go to certain ares on a webpage (ie, a key could be registered to go to the next button, another to the refresh button, etc.). This feature helps make the process of navigating a webpage considerably more intuitive as well as quicker.