NVDA stands for NonVisual Desktop Access. The program is a free screen reading program that can read everything on your desktop, similar to Jaws. The program supports over 20 languages and can be run as a portable version from a USB device.

Installation Guide

1. Click the following link:
2. Select NVDA 2011.3 installer (or NVDA 2011.3 portable version)
3. Save the program to your computer
4. Once the program is finished downloading, select NVDA_2011.3_installer.exe
5. Click through the installation pages to install


NVDA is a very useful program that has a wide range of features and benefits including:

  • Support for popular applications including web browsers, email clients, internet chat programs and office suites
  • Built in speech synthesizer supporting over 20 languages
  • Automatic announcement of text under the mouse and optional audible indication of the mouse position
  • Support for many refreshable braille displays
  • Ability to run entirely from a USB stick or other portable media without the need for installation
  • Support for Windows Command Prompt and console applications


System Requirements

From the official NVDA site:
"NVDA runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows XP or later. NVDA has no additional hardware requirements beyond those of the operating system and requires less than 50 mb of disk space."

Additional Resources

The NVDA website offers many additional resources in order to train users on how to use the program. The site offers various user guides and instructional videos/audio recordings.

These resources can be found here: