Thunder is a free screen reading program, similar to JAWS. With Thunder, users can have anything that appears on their computer screen read out loud to them.


The program offers a large amount of options and customizations. You can change the voice, rate and volume of the speech as well as pick and choose which types of things you want the program to read to you (icon names, document text, everything on the screen, etc.) After opening the program you simply move your mouse over text you wish to be spoken out loud.

Installation Guide

1. Click the following link:
2. Click "Install_Thunder.exe" about half way down the page
3. Download the install file to your desktop
4. Once the install file is finished downloading, select Thunder.exe from your desktop
5. Follow the on screen instructions to install the program

System Requirements

Thunder will work with any version of Windows XP, Vista or 7.

In additon to reading icons and text in Windows, Thunder can read text from the following programs:

  • MS Calculator
  • MS Excel
  • MS Internet Explorer
  • Listen-again radio
  • Nod32 ant virus
  • MS Notepad
  • MS Outlook Express
  • MS Sound recorder
  • MS Word
  • MS WordPad


Additional Resources

The Thunder website offers many additional resources in order to train users on how to use the program. The site offers various user guides and instructional videos/audio recordings.

Downloadable training manuals that teach you how to use Thunder:

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Thunder:

If you have any trouble with Thunder, you can contact the creators of the program for help. They have a form you can submit on their website for help located here: