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SDR Administered Test Adjustment Procedures

Additional time beyond 50 percent and/or the use of assistive technology, scribes, and/or readers are administered by Student Disability Resources in their testing center

Students must do the following to receive test accommodations through the exam coordinator at Student Disability Resources:

At the start of each semester

Meet with each instructor

  • Schedule a private meeting with the instructor
  • Present the academic adjustment letter to the instructor as soon as it is received from Student Disability Resources
  • Discuss the test adjustments stated in the academic adjustment letter
  • Make arrangements with the instructor for every test or quiz requiring test adjustments (i.e., if you need a quiet separate room for testing, discuss how this will occur)
  • Leave the meeting with an understanding of the arrangements for test adjustments
  • Notify the instructor at least four (4) working days prior to every test or quiz in order to arrange test adjustments

Meet with the exam coordinator

  • Provide a copy of each course syllabus to Student Disability Resources as this provides us with preliminary information regarding test and quiz schedules
  • Schedule an appointment with the Exam Coordinator to review the syllabus and testing schedule for the semester
  • Sign an agreement that you have read the procedures for scheduling test adjustments

For each exam

Schedule the exam

  • Submit the online Exam Request form four (4) working days prior to the date of the test or quiz
  • Test adjustments are not guaranteed if the online Exam Request form is not submitted at least four (4) days prior to a test date
  • Contact the Exam Coordinator with cancellations and/or changes with the scheduled test or quiz
  • Inform your Disability Specialist and the Exam Coordinator regarding any classes dropped or added to your schedule
  • The Exam Coordinator will notify you at least two days before your test or quiz is scheduled to verify the course, test time, and the room location. If you do not receive a confirmation via email, please call the Exam Coordinator for details
  • Inform Student Disability Resources of any phone number and/or email address changes

Test/Quiz Day Procedures

  • Students must leave all materials, backpacks, cell phones, pagers, etc. with the proctor. You may only have, in the immediate test area, materials the instructor has given written permission to use during testing
  • If you are not satisfied with the testing adjustments, inform the proctor immediately. The proctor and Student Disability Resources will attempt to resolve the problem immediately
  • If the proctor is late arriving to the testing location, contact the Exam Coordinator immediately
  • After the test or quiz, complete the Proctor Evaluation Form included with your testing packet. This feedback enables Student Disability Resources to monitor testing adjustments/services
  • Contact your SDR Disability Specialist with any problems or grievances that you may be having with an instructor
Quick Info

Exam request

Complete the online form

Exam coordinator

Nehemiah Mitchell

Main SDR phone

814-863-1807 (V/TTY)

You are encouraged to have these numbers with you on exam/quiz day in case you need further assistance.