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Service coordination

Documents and forms related to coordinating the various accommodation services provided


Forms to acknowledge the responsibilities around using our accommodation services

Audio recording agreement form

Form to acknowledge understanding of the policies and laws around recording classroom activities

Chafee Amendment acceptance form

Form to acknowledge that the student has read and understands the Chafee amendment

Equipment sign-out form

Form to document the loaning of equipment to a student

Note taking acceptance form

Form to accept the responsibilities related to receiving course notes as an academic accommodation

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Helpful information related to the accommodation services we provide

Chafee amendment

Chafee amendment to United States copyright law to allow for alternate textbook formats

Equipment loan policy and procedures

Form to accept the policy and procedures for borrowing equipment from Student Disability Resources

Kurzweil Read-the-Web browser extension

Learn how to use Kurzweil's Read-the-Web browser extension with Chrome or Firefox

Livescribe SmartPen care

Information on how to care for your Livescribe SmartPen

Note taking responsibilities

Student responsibilities when using the note taking service