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Disability Information and Resources for Students

Information and Resources:


Cedar Clinic

Counseling service administered and staffed by the Department of Counselor Education, Counseling Psychology and Rehabilitation Services.

Classroom and Lab Computing

Resources available to support individuals with a disability to better utilize information technology in ITS computer labs through assistive technology (AT).

Coordinator, ADA Programs

As part of the Affirmative Action Office, the coordinator has responsibilities in resolving complaints of discrimination, compliance with laws and regulations, and providing educational programming and information.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS provides individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, and psychological and psychiatric evaluations.

Diversity Calendar

A list of diversity events and exhibits occurring at Penn State University Campuses.

Housing Accommodations

Students who need to request a change in their housing environment due to a significant chronic physical or emotional condition should link to this form and follow the directions.

Marion McKinnon Adaptive Technology and Services

Provides individualized services within the University Libraries to meet the needs of students, staff, and faculty with disabilities. In addition, the Lab in 23W Pattee provides assistive technology (AT) and adaptive equipment as well as training and support for AT.

Student Disability Resources

The office responsible for providing services and reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities who are enrolled at the University Park campus.

Offices for Student Disability Resources at All Penn State Campuses

At every Penn State campus, there is an office responsible for providing services and reasonable accommodations to student with disabilities. This link provides contact information for every Penn State Campus Disability Resources Coordinator and office.

Parking and Transportation

Disability Parking Spaces and Mass Transit for public transportation.

Psychological Clinic

The psychological clinic is operated by The Department of Psychology and provides psychological services to residents of Centre County and the surrounding area.

Speech and Hearing Clinic

The Speech and Hearing Clinic provides assessments and intervention services for people with delays or disorders in hearing, language, fluency, voice, articulation, and phonology, including those with severe speech impairments requiring augmentative and alternative communication.

Student Mentoring

Temporary Disability Page

The Temporary Disability page provides information and links for individuals who are temporarily incapacitated.

University Health Services (UHS)

UHS offers various health related services.

Penn State Learning

Penn State Learning provides free learning support to students in math, writing, economics, the sciences, accounting, foreign languages, public scholarship, teamwork coordination and other academic fields and disciplines.

University Police

The university police are responsible for the protection and safety of the university community.

Web standards, Accessibility and Usability at Penn State

This resource provides Web accessibility, tutorials, references, and links.

Non-University Resources: