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Note Taking

Policy and Procedures for Obtaining Note taking Services through Penn State’s Student Disability Resources at University Park

Student Disability Resources at University Park provides note taking support services as an academic adjustment for students with documented disabilities. Note taking services are not to be used as a substitute for attending class and do not lessen the student’s academic responsibilities.

A. Student Responsibilities in Obtaining Note taking Services:

In order to receive note taking services for a course or courses, the student must:

  1. Officially register with SDR and have a documented disability that requires note taking as a reasonable academic adjustment supported by the documentation.
  2. Meet with their Disability Specialist from SDR each semester and have approval for note
    taking as an academic adjustment for that semester.
  3. Complete and submit the Note Taking Request Form.
  4. Follow SDR procedures for obtaining note taking services listed below.


B. Procedures for Requesting Note Taking Services:

  1. Each semester that note taking services are needed, the student must complete the Note Taking Request Form and submit the form online through the SDR web site.
  2. When a completed Note Taking Request Form is received by SDR, instructors will be contacted to determine if note taking services are needed for the course such as:
    • Due to the nature of the course, notes are not necessary.
    • A course pack may be available which contains all of the notes for the course.
    • Notes are available online, through Angel, or by other means.
  3. If notes are not available through other means as stated above, SDR will:
    • Determine if an existing Nittany Notes packet is available for the requested course. If available, SDR will submit an authorization to Nittany Notes. Students will be provided with a deadline date to pick up their Nittany Notes packet at their office.  If students fail to contact or pick up the requested Nittany Notes packet by the deadline date, the request for notes will be cancelled.

C. Obtaining Note takers and Notes Distribution:

  1. If notes are not available through any other means, SDR will ask Nittany Notes to hire a note taker for the requested course. SDR will email the student to notify them that a note taker has been hired and the student will be required to contact Nittany Notes to make arrangements to acquire these notes by the deadline date provided. If the student fails to follow through in contacting Nittany Notes by the deadline date, the request for notes will be cancelled.
  2. Nittany Notes will email these notes to the SDR students after each class.