Transportation on Campus

If a student needs transportation on campus:

To accommodate a temporary condition, Penn State's Department of Transportation Services has a comprehensive on-campus transit system (i.e., LINK, LOOP, Campus Shuttle) that is fully accessible. For information on Penn State's transit system go to

If Transportation Services determines that the LINK, LOOP or Campus Shuttle is not sufficient to get the student to their class they may be offered temporary use of Fleet Services.

The Fleet Service is a fully accessible transportation service that can provide point to point service to classes. It is important to note that this service does not provide door to door service. It is a point to point service and can only drop off or pick up where feasible.

For additional assistance with getting around campus for a temporary condition, students should contact the Parking Office Manager. The Parking Office Manager will assist students with coordinating the best alternatives from the transportation options available to students. The student should request an appointment to meet with the manager to discuss the details related to their request.

The Parking Office will:

  • Review the student's current course schedule (i.e., days, times, and course locations).
  • Consult the LINK, LOOP, and Campus Shuttle schedules in relation to your current course schedule.
  • Help with the development of a detailed schedule that can be used to assist with getting to and from classes using the on-campus transit system.
  • Provide the student with information to get to and from classes.

Contact the Parking Office at (814) 865-1436

Transportation from Off-campus to On-campus

Information on CATA: If a student lives off campus:

Penn State University Park does not transport students to or from off-campus locations.

Students may be able to utilize the extensive Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA) services available in most surrounding communities. Once the student arrives at the University Park campus, the available transportation services described above may be available to eligible students. For information regarding service schedules and locations of stops go to the CATA Web site at:

A variety of services are offered including fully accessible buses, wheelchair lifts, wheelchair ramps, and front doors that lower for better mobility.

For further information and a video go to:

In addition, the student may utilize the taxi services listed below if they live in an area for which CATA does not provide service.

If a student prefers or desires door-to-door services, it is suggested that they make arrangements with family or friends, or contract with a local taxi service listed below.

  • Golden Taxi - (814) 355-2200
  • Nittany Taxi - (814) 867-4646
  • Taxi by Handy Delivery - (814) 353-6001