Writing Difficulties

Writing Difficulties Writing difficulties during lectures and/or exams:

If a student is experiencing temporary impairment/s as a result of minor surgery or a temporary medical condition it is suggested that the student speak with their instructors regarding assistance.

Difficulties writing in class,

Speak with the instructor who may be able to provide suggestions regarding note-taking and taking exams/quizzes.

Ask fellow classmates to share notes or ask if someone can make a copy of their notes.

Obtain permission from the instructor to tape record the lecture.

Obtain notes from a professional note-taking service.
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Difficulties writing outside of class, If the student's writing is significantly impaired to the degree that it impacts out of class assignments, it is suggested that the student speak with the instructor of the course regarding options for the course.

Another option is to utilize speech-to-text software programs. The programs typically require a couple of hours of voice training. You may Google 'voice to text software' for programs you may find to be helpful or visit the Assistive Technology office located in 23 West Pattee-Paterno Library for an introduction to speech-to-text programs.