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Stephen Holoviak

Senior Director, Talent Search Program

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, B.A.
University of Louisville, M.Ed.  |  814-865-2397

Stephen has been a part of the Talent Search team since 1999 serving in numerous leadership roles. When asked about the work of the Talent Search Program and the Educational Opportunity Center, Stephen reflects:

“I have spent close to an entire career assisting young people, and more recently adults as well, with realizing their educational goals. I have always been a firm believer in the power of education to transform lives. In many contexts, that kind of statement might come across as a platitude. However, I have been doing this work long enough to name participants who started our program in sixth grade who are finishing up Ph.D.’s at prestigious universities around the country. When they joined our program, nobody in their family had attended college. It was a daunting and uncertain goal for them. Today, their children see college as a natural part of the progression into adulthood and a career.”

Stephen was born in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Yes, it is a real place, and no, we do not mean Philadelphia. Though he has been asked about both his entire life. He enjoys spending time with family, live sporting events, camping, boating, reading, hiking, cooking, and eating.

Stephen also greatly enjoys talking with people about our programs and the work we do. Please feel free to make use of the contact links on this page to reach out.