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Eligibility Requirements

Who can participate in this program?

To be eligible, students must:

  • be a citizen of the United States
  • be enrolled in grade 9, 10, or 11 at the time application is submitted
  • live in a household where a parent/guardian does not have a four-year college degree and a) meet income guidelines
  • OR b) where the household taxable income falls below a certain level
  • an individual who has a high risk academic failure
  • have an interest in pursuing a degree and career in a math - or science related field
  • attend one of these schools:

What are the benefits of participating in the UBMS program?

Each student who participates in the program will benefit differently, but the more effort you put into the program, the more you will gain. The program will help provide students with the following:

  • Better performance and understanding in school classes
  • Increased confidence and motivation to do well academically
  • Greater understanding of what it takes to get into and stay in college
  • Support from other math and science scholars throughout Pennsylvania
  • Better understanding of one's own strengths and weaknesses and ways to improve them
  • Enrolling in the college of your choice
  • Learn what college life is all about while balancing school work and social activities
  • Skills in public speaking, etiquette, and personal presentations
  • Paying for college

How does a student know if Penn State UBMS is for him/her?

Participating in the Penn State Upward Bound Math and Science Program is hard work! It takes a student with a great commitment to academic and personal growth to be successful in the program. If you can answer “yes” to all of the statements below, then the UBMS program might be the place for you:

  • I want to go to college.
  • I want to pursue STEM focused studies and careers.
  • I am committed to doing my best academically.
  • I am willing to do what is expected of me to be a better student and person.
  • I can and will come to the summer program each summer until I graduate from high school.

How much does it cost to participate in the program?

It’s costs approximately $5,000 per student for the services provided by UBMS; however, there is ABSOLUTELY NO COST to students or families due to a TRIO grant of $301,802 (2014-15) from the United States' Department of Education. These funds cover the following costs of participation:

  • travel to the summer residential program at University Park and travel home at the end of the program
  • activities, housing, meals, admissions tickets, and other related costs
  • a $25 per week stipend paid to students during the summer residential program


Penn State UBMS has also received additional funding for special projects and services from the following sources.

  • Eberly College of Sciences
  • College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, Alliance for Earth Science, Engineering and Development in Africa (AESEDA)
  • National Science Foundation
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Shell
  • Leadership for Institutional Change
  • ROHM and HAAS
  • The Bayer Foundation
  • Northrup Grummon, Inc.