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Previous Research Projects

Summer 2015 Projects and Placing

Overall Winner 2015 - Summer Research Experience in the Eberly College of Science (SEECoS)

Research Project Title: Exploring Plant-Insect Ecological Networks
UBMS Students: Marcus White - Reading High School - 11th - 2nd summer | Tomas Lopez-Parra - Reading High School - 12th - 2nd summer
Faculty/Mentors: Katriona Shea (Faculty) Biology | Reka Abert (Faculty) Physics | Joseph Keller (Mentor) Biology


Summer Research Experience in the Eberly College of Science (SEECoS)

SEECoS 1st Place -
Research Project Title: Self-Incompatibility, a Self/Non-Self Recognition Mechanism Employed by Flowering Plants to Prevent Inbreeding
UBMS students: Vu Nguyen - Reading - 12th - 2nd summer | Lauryn Gierchak - State College - 11th - 2nd summer
Faculty/Mentors: Teh-hui Kao – (Faculty) Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BMB) |Wasi Khatri (Mentor) BMB | Sierra Serfass – (Mentor) BMB


SEECoS 2nd Place -
Research Project Title: Exploring the Dye Sensitized Solar Cell
UBMS students: Dalton Boyle - Reading - 11th - 1st summer | Joshua Ramirez - Harrisburg - 11th - 2nd summer
Faculty/Mentors: Thomas Mallouk (Faculty) Chemistry | Nicholas McCool (Mentor) Chemistry | Rosemary Veghte (Mentor) Chemistry

SEECoS 3rd Place -
Research Project Title: Rheological Properties of SA5-30 Motor Oill
UBMS students: Emily Bautista - Reading - 12th - 1st summer | Ganga Bajgai - SciTech - 11th - 1st summer  
Faculty/Mentors: Bratoljub Milosavljevic (Faculty) Chemistry | Brittany Yang (Mentor), Todd Pontius (Mentor) Chemistry


Other SEECoS Research Project titles:
  • Pathways to Inexpensive Solar Energy
  • Micro-fluidic machines
  • Fly to the World of Organ Size Control - Exploration of how organ size is regulated using Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) as a model organism
  • Molecular Neurobiology in Mice
  • Exploring Plant-Insect Ecological Networks



Summer Experience in the Earth and Mineral Sciences (SEEMS)

SEEMS 1st Place - 
Research Project Title: Effect of Emissions on the Atmosphere
UBMS students: Esther Ramos-Medina - Reading - 11th - 2nd summer | Jacob McCaskill - Woodland Hills - 12th - 3rd summer  
Faculty/Mentors: William Brune (Faculty) Meteorology | Kenneth Christian, (Mentor) Meteorology 

SEEMS 2nd Place - 
Research Project Title: Digital Cartography
UBMS students: Zyaira Payne - Woodland Hills - 10th - 1st summer | Asher Potts - Harrisburg - 12th - 3rd summer 
Faculty/Mentors: Alexander Klippel (Faculty) Geography | Mark Simpson (Mentor) Geography

Other SEEMS Research Project titles:
  • Modelling and Simulations of Material Microstructures
  • Exploring Materials for Solid State Lighting
  • Observing Local Weather and Climate
  • How It's Formed: Crystals


College of Agricultural Science Summer Experience (CASSE)

CASSE 1st Place - 
Research Project Title: What is Gluten
UBMS students: Angela Harris - SciTech - 12th - 1st summer | Safriani Adnan - SciTech - 12th - 1st summer |  Emily Weisend - Woodland Hills - 11th - 1st summer  
Faculty/Mentors: Ryan Elias (Faculty) Food Science | Charlene Van Buiten (Mentor) Food Science 

Other CASSE Research Project title:
  • Biodefense research: virulence factor discovery