Team A
Cancer Research-Synthesis and Biological Studies of PAD4 Inhibitors)
Team B
Creating Heart Rate Monitors Using Light Transmission
Team C
Genetic Control of Organ Size in Fruit Flies
Team D
Exoplanets Rising-Understanding Doppler Shift, Spectroscopy and Optics in Discovering Planets
Team E
Micro Fluidic Paper-Based Assay Devices
Team F
Floral Resources-Appealing to Your Pollinators
Team G
Exploring Energy in Light
Team H
Fragrance and Flavor Chemistry
Team I
Liquid Conductivity
Team J
Energy and Mineral Engineering-Rock Mechanics
Team K
Energy and Mineral Engineering-Petroleum Geology
Team L
Materials Science and Engineering-Shape Memory Alloys
Team M
Gasification Kinetics of Coal and Biomass