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Tuition / Financial Aid

You are eligible to apply for Financial Aid regardless of your eligibility for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or Department of Defense (DoD) benefits.

Cost of Attendance (at Penn State)

  1. Tuition and Fee Schedule
  2. Application fee*
  3. General deposit*
  4. Housing deposit*
  5. Room and Board
  6. College Cost Calculator for Penn State Tuition

* = Fees are related to Admissions.

Needs Analysis Document

Definition: any document issued by a financial aid source showing one's ability to contribute to the cost of their own education (i.e., Free Application for Federal Student Aid )

Sources of Financial Aid

A. PHEAA ( Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency )

B. Federal Student Aid (Department of Education) (The Student Guide and Don't Miss Out are two excellent reference books)

  1. Federal Pell Grant
  2. Federal Direct Loans (Subsidized vs. Unsubsidized)
  3. Federal Aid Administered by the University (Campus-Based Aid)

C. Other Types of Aid

D. Other Funding Resources

Payment of Semester Bills (Bursar Payment Options)