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Tips for Students Using VA Education Benefits


  • Apply for GI Bill® benefits by completing the Veterans Online Application (VONAPP) at If the VA finds you eligible, they will mail you a “Certificate of Eligibility” or an “Award Letter” with information about your benefit. Please submit a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility or Award Letter to our office immediately upon receipt. You can drop the document off in person, email or fax it.
  • Complete a “Certification Request Form" for the appropriate semester(s). DO NOT WAIT TO RECEIVE YOUR CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY/AWARD LETTER BEFORE YOU COMPLETE/SUBMIT THIS FORM. You must do this EVERY school year and complete a separate request for summer, if applicable. World Campus students submit the World Campus Certification Request Form each semester.
  • Complete a “Free Application for Federal Student Aid “(FAFSA) at – Even if you are receiving VA educational benefits, you may qualify for additional student financial aid and are encouraged to apply. For your convenience, the Office of Student Aid has a link on their web site entitled “4-Step Application Process”, which you may find helpful. The web site is located at:
  • Obtain your Penn State identification card, which can be done at the HUB. For more information use the following link:
  • Establish a Penn State Access Account, which will allow you to set up a university email account as well as an eLion account. For more information, or help in getting started, use the following link:
  • Complete your registration on eLion. After all paperwork is completed and your accounts are set up, you must go to your eLion account in order to complete your registration for the semester. To do this, access your eLion account and click on the “Bills/Tuition/Other” tab. Select the button that reads “Complete Registration”. Even if you do not owe money for tuition/fees, you MUST take action to complete your registration prior to each semester.
  • Sign up for Rapid Refund from your eLion account. Student refunds can be electronically deposited into a bank account by clicking on the "Sign up for Rapid Refund" button and entering your bank account information.
  • If you are a Chapter 30, 1606, or 1607 benefit recipient, you must go onto the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) website at to verify your enrollment monthly. If internet is not available, you can also verify your enrollment monthly by phone at 1-877-838-2778. This must be done at the end of every month to receive the previous month’s attendance/benefit.
  • Keep the Office of Veterans Programs informed of any changes in your enrollment status (add/drop, withdrawal, change of major, etc…) as any of these may affect your benefit.
  • The Office of Veterans Programs is located in 325 Boucke Building and is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our office staff includes knowledgeable student veterans/dependents and “School Certifying Officials” to assist you in accessing and making the most of your educational benefits. In addition, Veterans Counselors are available to provide support to students requiring additional assistance, including the transition from military to university life and the challenges this may present.
  • We encourage you to contact us with questions/concerns. Please visit us in person, online at, or by phone at 814-863-0465.