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Veterans Education Benefit FAQs

How does the current situation affect my registration for upcoming semesters?

All resident students should register for resident courses at their respective campuses as normal. Campus closures and remote learning requirements will be determined on a semester to semester basis. Students will still receive resident course benefits for classes that were initially identified as resident courses but had to convert to remote courses based on the COVID-19 directive. World Campus students are not affected and should register as normal.

What has the government done to clarify the situation?

H.R. 748 – CARES Act clarifies how the Department of Veterans Affairs should treat in-person courses of study that convert to distance learning formats due to health-related situations and other emergencies. This legislation is effective 1 March 2020 and extended through 21 December 2021.

Is the Office of Veteran’s Programs still open?

OVP staff are working remotely and remain available to assist with any questions or concerns. Our University Park office and student veterans lounge are closed in accordance with University directives. Staff are available via our main office number (814)-863-0465, 0800-1700 EST, Monday through Friday. We regularly monitor our individual and office email addresses as posted on our website,

What support is available to student veterans and dependents during this time?

Our office staff are available Monday through Friday, 0800-1700 EST, to answer your questions and to provide assistance.  Student sponsors are still working and are reaching out to their students weekly. Please feel free to connect to your student sponsor with any questions via email or Group Me. In addition we will schedule online social hours and post the time and links on our Facebook page.

How can I stay connected?

Updates will be sent to PSU email accounts, through the veterans’ list-serve, and posted to our Facebook and official website