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Chapter 31 University Park Students - Contact Directory

March 27, 2014

Dear CH 31 Veteran,

I hope that this communication finds you in good health and in good spirits as we’ve passed the midpoint of the Spring 2014 semester.  I trust that you are hard at work this semester, “hitting the books”, and that your efforts are being rewarded with the grades that you deserve.

Our current group of CH 31 students enrolled at University Park this Spring runs the gamut from first semester students, to those who are finishing a degree program, and looking forward to graduation.  Mindful of this wide range of “student experience”, I have compiled a list of issues that I believe deserve your attention and review.  Please take a few minutes to review this list of “ITEMS FOR ACTION”, and take note of, or action on, any issue that pertains to you and your specific situation.  I have also included an “IMPORTANT DATE/DEADLINE QUICK REFERENCE that will hopefully provide some assistance in monitoring important academic and financial deadlines on the horizon.

In addition, I want to remind you about Allison Bernheimer's visit to University Park for the Spring 2014 semester.  She is scheduled to be on campus April 8th and 9th, to meet with all CH 31 students who are under the jurisdiction of the Philadelphia VARO.  You will soon receive a letter directly from Ms. Bernheimer, instructing you to contact the Office of Veterans Programs, and schedule an appointment to meet with her during this visit.  Please contact us at that time.

Finally, please be advised that the CH 31 Bookstore Account closed on March 7, for the current semester.

Best wishes for a successful semester!


Richard M. Raynak
Veterans Counselor


Chapter 31 University Park Students - Contact Directory

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