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Chapter 31 University Park Students - Contact Directory

August 1, 2014

Dear CH 31 Veteran

I wanted to touch base with you regarding a few items, as we approach the Fall 2014 semester.  Our group of CH 31 students expected to enroll at University Park this Fall runs the gamut from first semester students, to those who may be finishing a degree program, and looking forward to graduation.  Mindful of this wide range of “student experience”, I have compiled a list of issues that I believe deserve your attention and review.  Please take a few minutes to review this list of “ITEMS FOR ACTION”, and take note of or action on, any issue that pertains to you and your specific situation


As you should be aware, electronic bills (eBills) have replaced all paper bills for Penn State students.  An e-mail message will be sent to the student’s official University e-mail account announcing that the eBill is available to view and/ or pay via eLion. The Penn State registration process consists of two steps. First, the student “schedules” specific courses.  Secondly, the student becomes “registered” upon payment of tuition and fees, or confirmation of registration electronically, via eLion (i.e., when all charges will be covered by financial aid). Most CH 31 Veterans fall into the latter category.  In order to access more detailed instructions regarding your semester bill, use the following URL: .  If you do not receive a semester bill, contact the Bursar’s office at 814-865-6528.

You are strongly encouraged to finalize your Fall 2014 schedule prior to the start of the semester, if possible. Once the semester begins, the process of adjusting your course schedule is referred to as “dropping/ adding” courses.  Courses may be dropped and added during the first ten calendar days of the semester (i.e., August 25 – September 3) without penalty, by using eLion or in person at the Office of the Registrar. Courses dropped during the first ten calendar days of the semester are not recorded on your academic transcript. Courses dropped after September 3, and before the end of the twelfth week (i.e., November 14) are considered late drops, and are recorded on your academic transcript.  There are also limitations (baccalaureate degree - 16 credits; associate degree - 10 credits; nondegree - 10 credits) on the number of late drop credits available to you. Finally, there is also a $6.00 fee charged for each course processed as either a late drop or late add.

The Penn State Degree Audit Report is an academic advising document that maps the student's degree requirements against the student's academic transcript. The purpose of the audit report is to provide information to assist in academic planning and appropriate course scheduling each semester. The audit indicates the program and graduation requirements that have been completed as well as those areas requiring completion prior to graduation. Degree Audit Reports are available to all currently enrolled undergraduate degree students by accessing eLion.  Students with more than one major/option will have separate reports produced for each program. Students may also request a current Degree Audit Report on a "walk-in" basis from their department office or advising center. If a student feels that their audit is not correctly analyzing their program requirements, they should contact their department office or advising center.


If you have recently changed, or will soon be changing your local address and/ or phone number, please inform me of any changes. It is definitely beneficial for you to keep the lines of communication open. Therefore, you need to keep the VA and me informed of any changes to your VA mailing address. Additionally, you should always correct your address directly with the University Registrar.  You can do so by using eLion. This will ensure prompt receipt of academic and financial aid correspondence.

Be advised that only the Philadelphia VARO authorizes payment for student commuter parking permits for all of their CH 31 Veterans who are officially enrolled at University Park. On August 19, I will provide the Parking Office with a roster of CH 31 Veterans officially registered for Fall 2014. To obtain your parking permit, visit the Parking Office (1 Eisenhower Parking Deck) with your student ID, and identify yourself as a participant in the Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Program.  As long as your name is on our roster, they will give you a permit, and eventually bill the VA under your name.  Do not allow the staff to charge the parking permit to your student account. If they do so, the responsibility for payment then becomes yours.  If you encounter a new staff member who is unaware of the Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Program roster, ask to speak to Dave Dorman, who is my contact at the Parking Office. Finally, if you expect to continue your enrollment through the Spring 2015 semester, obtain a yearly permit, which covers both fall and spring semesters. The VA will receive a discounted rate for such a permit.

On August 19, I will provide to the Penn State Bookstore a list of CH 31 Veterans who are approved to charge all required books and supplies to the Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Account (#1060) for the Fall 2014 semester.  All CH 31 Veterans who have turned in a signed 2014-15 Certification Request for VA Educational Benefits form (purple in color), and have completed/ confirmed their Fall 2014 registration, will be included on this list.  You may charge books/ supplies at the Customer Service Desk beginning August 19, and continuing through October 10, 2014.

Finally, I will be out of the office from CoB today, August 1, until August 12. You can access my voice mail to leave a message, by calling 814-863-1797.  I look forward to continuing our work together this coming Fall semester.


Richard M. Raynak
Veterans Counselor


Chapter 31 University Park Students - Contact Directory

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