Latinx Leadership Institute (LLI)

The purpose of LLI is to increase the number of student leaders who will advance the interests of the Hispanic/Latinx/Latine community at Penn State. Students are selected to participate in a one-year program that emphasizes student empowerment, social justice leadership, and exposure to the University’s organizational structure.

Latinx Leadership Institute Student Image

Agency, Leadership, Empowerment

LLI is open to all students regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, or any other protected class.

The one-year program emphasizes student empowerment, social justice, and exposure to the University’s organizational structure. Participants are encouraged to apply the skills gained through their identity and leadership development toward activism on and off campus, as well as in society at-large.

Latinx Leadership Group Photo

Back row (L-R): Ashley Lebron, Adam Romero Jr., Mariajose Figueroa, Aliyah Rios
Middle row (L-R): James Sealey, Sergio Ulloa, Camila Ayala
Front row: Matilda Braun, Giselle Concepción, Valeria Martinez, Marlen 
Córdova Pedroza

Are you...

  • considering future leadership roles on campus?
  • passionate about fostering the well-being of the Hispanic/Latinx/Latine community?
  • interested in building strong relationships and influencing change with other student leaders and key University staff?

The 2023/2024 Latinx Leadership Institute Application Form will be available soon.

Contact Information:

If you would like more information about LLI, please contact:

Dr. Melissa Landrau Vega
Multicultural Resource Center
220 Grange Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 865-1773
[Instagram symbol] @mrcpennstate