Holly Hosterman

Achieving Women Award 2012

Holly Hosterman
Technical Service, Custodial Worker, Office of Physical Plant

(L to R) Christy Long and Holly Hosterman.

Achieving Women – Technical Service
The Achieving Women Award winner in the Technical Service category is Holly Hosterman.

Holly has presided over a number of buildings on the University Park campus adding her special touch to make all sparkle and shine. Holly is much more than the requirements of her role in janitorial services.

Holly has been featured in Windows of Culture, a very premiere journal in China, and as part of a presentation to a professional group of more than 400 in Taiwan. The presentation described Holly’s love of working for Penn State and her great customer service.

Back in the days when recycling efforts were not being advanced by green teams, Holly was a standard bearer for recycling efforts. Humorous nudges and personal appeal to some of the most recalcitrant residents of the offices were needed. There was no disappointing Holly so these previous laggards for recycling took to putting their office papers in the blue bucket instead of the waste can. Awareness and habit stuck. One of Holly’s nominators said, “Holly Hosterman, through the force and wit of her personality, was the most critical element that changed attitudes and practices toward recycling in Keller Building. And, man, if you can get faculty to change their ways, let's bottle it and give it out to deans and academic department heads!”