Bias Response

Bias Response is committed to addressing reported bias incidents that target Penn State students by focusing on incident response and support. We are responsible for:
  • providing a centralized method for any Penn Stater to report an act of bias that they experience or witness.
  • receiving, responding to, and appropriately referring reported incidents of bias.
  • ensuring support to individuals affected by bias incidents.
  • collecting and reporting data related to reported bias incidents.

The Bias Incident Response Protocol is a deliberation and referral process that determines the appropriate referral of submitted reports at Penn State. The protocol is applied by the Bias Response Network (BRN), a collaborative group of Penn State faculty, staff, and administrators that convenes weekly and as needed to review submitted reports.

The Bias Response Network is composed of key university stakeholders, including representatives from:

  • Educational Equity
  • Office of Equal Opportunity and Access
  • Faculty Affairs
  • The Graduate School
  • Labor and Employee Relations
  • Residence Life
  • Office of Student Accountability and Conflict Response
  • Office of Sexual Misconduct Reporting and Response
  • Student Affairs Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Undergraduate Education

What the Bias Response Network does:

  • Receives all reports submitted through the Bias Response website.
  • Meets weekly to review submitted reports and collectively determine appropriate referrals.
  • Refers reports as appropriate. Reports are referred to academic or non-academic unit heads (e.g., supervisors of those who are named as alleged wrongdoers). Reports may also be sent to Directors of Student Affairs, Residence Life, the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access, the Office of Student Accountability and Conflict Response, or other offices, as appropriate.

What the Bias Response Network does not do:

  • Investigate reports.
  • Determine whether a reported concern violates Penn State policy.
  • Recommend actions or solutions.
  • Adjudicate cases.
  • Discipline alleged wrongdoers or impose sanctions.