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Lori A. Johnson-Vegas

Achieving Women Award 2012

Lori A. Johnson-Vegas
Graduate Student, Ph.D. Degree Program in Workforce Education and Development, College of Education

(L to R) Christy Long and Lori A. Johnson-Vegas.

Achieving Women – Graduate Student and Post Doc Category
The winner of the 2012 Achieving Women award in the graduate student and post doc category is Lori A. Johnson-Vegas.
Lori is a doctoral candidate in the Workforce Education and Development program in the College of Education. Lori’s purpose is “to make a positive difference in the lives of others on a daily basis.”

President Barack Obama noted that military spouses are part “of the force behind the force.” Lori has gone beyond the call of duty to do what is necessary to enhance the lives of all with whom she has come in contact.
In addition to the formation of a network for enlisted spouses, grocery shopping for an elderly couple, and holding the hand of a young woman expecting a child while her husband was deployed, Lori’s professional and educational accomplishments have been noteworthy and documented, which is often difficult for a military spouse.

Her contributions to human causes and public service activities have been consistent throughout her time as a Penn State student, employee, and alumna. A founding member, her past and present support of the Lion Ambassador program demonstrates her love and pride for Penn State. Lori’s commitment to mentoring is beyond excellent as shown through her involvement in several of Penn State’s mentoring programs as well as her initiative in mentoring military spouses. Lori is a true servant leader and a follower.