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Commission for Women Events Calendar

Criteria and Instructions for submitting Events for inclusion in the Commission for Women Calendar.

While no explicit criteria exist for the inclusion of events in the Commission for Women Calendar, events listed in the calendar should make a contribution to the Commission's mission.

For a further description of this mission, please review the Commission for Women Mission Statement.

All Penn State Commission for Women-related activities, events, exhibits, and organization meetings are welcome and can be posted at any time. A glance at the calendar in any typical month will display a number of events and exhibits related to the Commission.

To add your event or exhibit, simply click on the "Add Event" button, fill out the online form, and click “Submit Event.”

Helpful Hints:
The fields should be submitted exactly as the information is to appear in the Commission Calendar. Please note: in most cases the editor of the calendar does not know anything about the event; therefore, it is difficult to supplement an announcement that does not include the necessary information. Please avoid acronyms and abbreviations unless they are necessary for a specific reason.

Select a Calendar: Choose the Events calendar in the upper right hand corner and select "ADD EVENT".

Start Time and End Time: Choose the starting date of the event or exhibit, then select the start and end time of the event or exhibit, if applicable. If an end time is not known, that field can be left blank. If the event or exhibit is all day (for example, MLK Day of Service, or an exhibit), the start time field can be left blank and the item will appear as an “untimed event” at the top of the day’s listings.

Repeat: If the event occurs only once (for example, a speaker), leave this field blank. If the event occurs on a regular basis (for example, a weekly meeting or an exhibit), this feature allows you to enter the series all at once. Select the method of repeat (daily, monthly, etc.) from the menu, then enter either the total number of times the event occurs, or the end date. If the event occurs on an irregular schedule (Monday this week, Thursday next week, etc.), each occurrence will need to be entered separately.

Event Title: Enter the title of the event or exhibit and indicate the type of event, (for example, “Film: Ray”).

Description: A brief description of the event or exhibit can be entered here. In the case of exhibits, please include the exhibit dates for easy reference (for example, “January 31 through March 4”). Information such as the event’s affiliation with a larger series can be indicated (for example, “This event is part of the American Indian Speaker Series”), sponsors, admission, a contact for more information, etc. can be included.

Location: All submissions should include the location and campus.

URL: If a Web site is associated with the event or organization, this may be entered in the Web Site URL field. If there is a small online thumbnail image associated with the event, this may be entered in the Thumbnail Image URL field.

Your Name and Your E-Mail: Please change the automatic text “Penn State Visitor” to your name and enter your e-mail address. These appear on the calendar listing as a link for easy contact if someone would like more information.

Once the “Submit Event” button is clicked, no further changes can be made to the entry.

Events submitted from the Web are sent to the calendar editor for approval. The editor reserves the right to make changes or to request further information before considering an event for approval.

Please contact  with additional questions or if changes need to be made after an entry has been submitted.