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Commission for Women Timeline of Accomplishments


  • 1981 - First Commission for Women appointed by President John Oswald; Task Force on Status of Women formed
  • 1984 - Elected first chair of Commission for Women (Patricia Farrell)
  • 1985 - Elected first African-American chair of the Commission for Women (Cynthia King); Strategic Study Group on the Status of Women formed; first spring banquet; Center for Women Students is established
  • 1986 - Administrative Fellows Program initiated
  • 1988 - Strategic Study Group on the Status of Women submitted its final report; Dual Career Assistance program implemented in Office of Human Resources; Night Escort Service implemented in Police Services
  • 1989 - Vice Provost of Underrepresented Groups position created; Director of Child Care Programs position created; day care center opened at Hershey. Several “family friendly” policies were implemented such as flex time; family leave; family sick leave; stopping the tenure clock for childbirth, adoption, family illness
  • 1991 - Celebrated tenth anniversary
  • 1992 - Mentoring/internship program initiated at Penn State campuses; “Building Coalition for the 21st Century” conference
  • 1994 - First Technical Service Workshop; added third Administrative Fellow; Tenure-Track Faculty Study submitted to President Joab Thomas
  • 1995 - First Rosemary Schraer Mentoring Award
  • 1996 - Sponsored first Take Our Daughters to Work Day; Athletic Committee conducted study on athletic coaches’ salaries; study on women in Technical Service positions
  • 1997 - Faculty salary study conducted
  • 1998 - Commission for Women website launched; Faculty Issues Committee conducted study of the status of women faculty
  • 1999 - Mentoring Program launched; Student Issues Committee undertook a Student Pulse Survey; developed “Best Practices for Recruiting and Retaining Women Faculty” presentation
  • 2001 - Celebrated twentieth anniversary
  • 2002 - Faculty Issues Committee conducted a survey on climate issues that was sent system-wide to all tenured faculty; Technical Service Shadow Program launched
  • 2003 - Officially launched the project to create a book on the history of women at Penn State; Student Issues Committee conducted a survey of all women students to ascertain information on campus climate
  • 2006 - Published We Are a Strong, Articulate Voice: A History of Women at Penn State by Carol Sonenklar
  • 2008 - Published Report on the Status of Women at Penn State: 2007–08, a brochure providing baseline statistics about women in full-time positions at Penn State (gender comparison focus)
  • 2009 - Celebrated tenth anniversary of the Mentoring Program; launched personal safety and sexual assault awareness initiatives
  • 2010 - Published Work-Family Balance at Penn State Report; HR 20 - Breast Feeding Support Policy created
  • 2013 - Published Report On The Status Of Women At Penn State: 20012011
  • 2014 - Published Parental Leave for The Pennsylvania State University Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars/Fellows: Recommendations to Improve Policy and Practice
  • 2016Celebrated tenth annual CFW Awards Luncheon; tenure clock stoppage policy proposal accepted by President Barron (an outcome of 2010 Work-Family Balance at Penn State Report)