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Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is composed of the commission’s committee/program chairs and special liaisons. It oversees activities and decisions of the commission in accordance with its bylaws and exercises budgetary responsibility while serving as an advisory council to elected commission officers. The Executive Committee also administers the annual Rosemary Schraer Mentoring and Achieving Women awards programs and manages annual membership/election activities.

Assessment Committee
The Assessment Committee gathers, reviews, and synthesizes data on the status of women; interprets this data to identify gender-based inequities; and recommends solutions. The committee also compiles periodic reports on the status of women at the University and provides consultation to other Commission for Women committees seeking data relevant to their studies.

Campus Liaison Committee
The Campus Liaison Committee involves and collaborates with contacts at Penn State campuses in an effort to share best practices, strengthen intercampus communication about women’s issues, and reinforce the commission’s goals.

Issues Committee
Ad hoc issues committees study and suggest commission responses to key topics that affect the working/learning environments for women at Penn State. The committees consult with the Assessment Committee on available/accessible data and study historical trends, best practices, other institutional models, expert opinions, experiences of University employees, etc.

Current Issues Committees

Wage Equity: The Wage Equity Issues Committee identifies areas at the University where there may be gender-based inequities and makes recommendations to address existing inequities.

Family Leave: The goal of the Family Leave Issues Committee is to inform the Penn State community about family leave policies and practices at every employee and student level at Penn State. While there are existing leave policies at Penn State, anecdotal evidence suggests that such policies may not be applied equally across the University and employee level.

Personal Safety and Sexual Assault Awareness Issues Committee: The Personal Safety and Sexual Assault Awareness Issues Committee is an ad hoc group of students, staff, and faculty, both male and female, who have joined together to advocate for women's concerns and personal safety, develop and implement initiatives to enhance women's safety, and make appropriate recommendations to the University's president for leadership initiatives aimed at enhancing women's safety.

Marketing Committee
The Marketing Committee promotes the purpose, vision, and accomplishments of the commission; increases the commission’s visibility within the Penn State community; and publicizes its special programs and events.

Mentoring Program Committee
The Mentoring Program Committee matches protégés with more experienced employees, who share their insight about developing professional goals, networking, and learning more about Penn State. The committee assists mentor/protégé pairs to develop goals, provides guidance throughout the year, and organizes monthly activities on professional and personal development.