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Get Involved

Applications for 2016-17 membership are now closed. Thank you for your interest in CFW.


  • CFW 2016-17 Faculty/Staff/Administrator Application for Membership 
  • CFW 2016-17 Student Application for Membership

The Commissions value the breadth of background and experience that can be found among the members of the University community and are actively seeking a broad base of applicants. Full-time students (undergraduate and graduate) and full-time employees (faculty, staff, and administrators) from all Penn State campuses are eligible to serve. Individuals interested in working to enhance diversity and support the mission of CFW are encouraged to apply.

Staff members may wish to speak with their supervisors about this University service opportunity prior to submitting an application. Employees must be in good standing to be considered for commission membership. For University activities such as Commissions and award programs, faculty or staff are considered to be in ‘good standing’ if they are meeting the expectations of their positions and have not been the recipient of recent discipline. Individuals should also exhibit qualities such as civility, collegiality, and a commitment to the overall success of their departments.

Who can be a member of the Commission?

The Commission is comprised of full-time University faculty, staff, students, and administrators. Each spring, the Commission invites individuals to apply for appointed membership through various listservs and Penn State News. The Nominations Committee reviews the applications and in the case of appointed members, forwards a list of suggestions to the President of Penn State for appointment.

What does Commission membership involve?

Active participation in Commission service generally requires several hours per month (3-6 hours for affiliate members, and 4-7 hours for appointed members). This includes attendance at monthly meetings and committee work. Committees meet periodically throughout the semester and are comprised of both appointed and affiliate members. Staff members are encouraged to discuss their level of participation with their supervisors.

Appointed members are appointed by the President of the University, serve three-year terms, attend meetings, serve on or chair committees, and have voting privileges. They cast a vote each spring for the election of the Commission chair(s) and on any changes to the Commission's bylaws. There are a limited number of appointed memberships, with distribution among faculty, administrator, staff, technical service, graduate and undergraduate students. Applications for appointed membership are accepted in February.

Affiliate members are selected by the Commission, serve one-year renewable terms, attend meetings, and serve on committees, but do not have voting privileges.