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Anna Griswold

Anna Griswold

Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Education and
Executive Director for Student Aid

Key event in career

My experience of going to college, made possible only because federal financial aid was available, has always been at the forefront of my professional life. That experience was transformative for me and I have seen it change so many lives. The impact of higher education is significant to the individual and to society.

How she expanded her
sphere of influence

I started in my profession at an entry level and as I advanced into positions of greater responsibility, I became engaged with other units at the colleges and universities where I worked. Simultaneously I became active in higher education professional associations and organizations to work toward public policies that support access and success for low-income students who desired a college degree. Contributing to important discussions locally and at the state and national levels has, I believe, lent credibility to my advocacy for policies that support higher education for all.

"Never underestimate your potential to make a difference in areas of importance, in areas that matter."